A Message from Our CEO

GovOffice 4.0 – the Next Generation is coming!

GovOffice was launched in 2001 as the centerpiece of a unique public-private partnership to bring website technologies to cities across America. Founding partners included the International City-County Management Association and League of Minnesota Cities and Avenet, which developed the GovOffice technology. Eventually, an additional 15 state municipal leagues joined our partnership!

In those 16 years, we’ve seen local government websites evolve from being a novelty to a necessity. We’ve served over 1500 local governments in 44 states and stayed true to our mission of providing state-of-the-art web technologies that meets the needs of local government at an affordable cost. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve initiated a major development initiative to create the next generation of our technology. The new GovOffice 4.0 will meet the needs of our local government clients and your constituents well into the future.

This major upgrade will be implemented in multiple phases, which will help users absorb and adopt to changes over time. User interface upgrades will maintain a priority on ease of use. Current sites will be seamlessly upgraded to the new system with no or minimal disruption.

Phase 1 results:
  • a faster, more responsive Admin system
  • even faster client sites (we believe our current sites already load faster than our competitors!)
  • a new Search system
  • refresh of the Admin look & feel aimed at enhancing ease of use
  • a state of the art code which can be extended rapidly to add new features in subsequent phases

Additional incremental upgrades will rollout new content types to meet the unique needs of local government.

Subsequent phases:
  • new file (photo) upload software
  • eNotification/eAlert system
  • New, more robust bulk-mail/messaging system
  • Upgraded Superforms & ePayment
  • Document management/repository
  • Customized content types, like Council Packets/Agendas

The initial version of GovOffice was informed by a “beta group” including 30 cities across the country. We continue to value and seek your input and ideas on how to make GovOffice even better. Please share your thoughts on how we can better meet your needs on our feedback form. We’ll provide further updates along the way.

Thanks for being our client, and partners in preparing for the next generation!