Why Responsive Web Design

In his groundbreaking article, Responsive Web Design (2010, A List Apart), noted Web expert Ethan Marcotte established the core elements of Responsive Web Design (RWD). Since then, RWD has slowly become the Web standard.

If you are a fan of geek speak and really want to dive into the technical aspects of RWD, Mr. Marcotte’s article is a fabulous read. But if you want to learn just enough to be dangerous, or perhaps just enough to help you consider whether a responsive website is a good fit for your municipal website, read on.

GovOffice Mobile has been providing excellent user experiences – including mobile-friendly sites - for years. All GovOffice websites are automatically optimized for the screen sizes (viewports) of smartphones.

Canyon Lake California Mobile Website
With the introduction of an increasing array of screen sizes through tablets and supersized smartphones, Responsive Web Design takes mobile-friendliness to the next level. In other words, responsive websites automatically resize to fit all mobile screen sizes; from desktop PCs to tablets to smartphones.

For example, we built Onalaska, Wisconsin's website on our new Responsive Web Design framework. As you can see in the illustration below, their design fits perfectly within three different mobile device viewports. They were also able to incorporate more highly visual content, showcasing their community with sweeping imagery throughout.

And of course, the content and images adapt right along with the design. All of the content that exists on your desktop design, exists in every screen size variation.
Onalaska Wisconsin Responsive Website
Responsive designs look great on any device

Responsive Web Design is not a requirement for an excellent mobile experience; but it does offer a stronger visual presentation along with more flexibility for site visitors to ensure they can find the information they need, as seamlessly as possible.

And that flexibility bodes well for the future. A solid responsive website is a solution for many years to come as more and different mobile devices continue to emerge. RWD puts you in a good position to roll with those changes and meet the current and future needs of all browsers, all devices, and all screen sizes.

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