Case Study: How GovOffice Saved the Day for Fergus Falls, MN

Fergus Falls, Minnesota GovOffice Municipal Website Design
The GovOffice team completed another successful website transformation for the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota and they couldn't be happier.

In a recent conversation with long time customer (going on 9 years!), Lynne Olson, Assistant to the City Administrator, expressed her gratitude and talked about her awesome GovOffice experience.            
“Our website was eight years old and in desperate need of a refresh. It was an overwhelming task to start thinking about organization, design, and navigation for an updated site.

However, once the professionals got involved, it was amazing how quickly things moved along. All of the staff members at GovOffice made the whole process so easy!”

Sales Process

“Mike in Sales was so patient with us when we had to wait through numerous budget cycles until we could get our upgrade approved in the budget.” You only pay for the features you need. GovOffice provides all the core features used by most local governments.

Preparing the Design

“Janelle, the Designer, had fun going in a different direction with us as we bucked the design trends with a relatively simplistic look. She was so great to work with and helped us perfect the design which we absolutely love!” GovOffice graphic designers work with you to develop a unique image and brand to showcase your community.

The Launch

“Ben, the Content Specialist, talked me off the ledge more than once when I felt panicky. We have received numerous compliments about the navigation slab and re-organization that he provided for us.” GovOffice content professionals provide a range of content services that will deliver a streamlined, user-friendly website.

Fergus Falls (pop. 13,138) is located in the West Central Minnesota lakes country. Rich rolling farmland, wooded hills and over 1,000 lakes combined make agriculture and tourism valued industries in the region. It has become a favorite MN vacation stop with the slogan, “Find Us, Lose Yourself!”

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